Monday, December 27, 2010

4. Dr Sing's 2008 Myanmar travel and tours

I am Dr Sing Kong Yuen.

I have started a travel agency, Design Travel Pte Ltd, which is licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board in Dec 2010. The previous licence for Asia USA Realty (S) Pte Ltd has been returned to the STB as the name related to property is not appropriate for a travel agency. Therefore, Design Travel Pte Ltd is now the licensed agency to conduct all tours and travel to Myanmar.

Is Myanmar safe for Singaporeans who seem to have an unfavourable impression of Myanmar? There are rarely any tours advertised by the Singapore travel agencies and newspapers for this country. My exploratory visits in late 2008 confirms that it is one of the safest countries for tourists and Myanmar has several thousands of tourists and pilgrims from Thailand and China. Europeans esp. Germans love to visit this country esp. Bagan. Yet Singaporean tourists are very rare. It is one of those strange facts of life.

My blog is at:

For those interested in Myanmar travels and tours, please contact me at +65 9668-6468or The website of Design Travel is not ready yet. Will use this blog to keep in touch.

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