Wednesday, December 12, 2012

147. DT_Jan1-14-2013 Myanmar

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Good afternoon,

Can you organize and book for 2 persons a trip to Myanmar at the dates given above :
This will be our itinerary : Yangon-Bagan-Pindaya-Lake Inle - Nagpali beach ??
Thank you for your answer.
Dec 12, 2012


I am David Sing from Design Travel. I can quote and book the Jan 1-14 2013 trip but you have to decide how many days you want to stay in a place or beach. This will save time as what I propose is usually not what the prospect wants. Some prefer 3 nights at Nagpali beach (sun, sea) or 4 nights at Inle Lake as it is quite a romantic area, others prefer 3 nights at Bagan which is a historical area. Some wants trekking at Inle Lake + Kalaw. Others don't want.

Pl let me know your requirements. Best wishes. 

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