Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chinese New Year in Myanmar is peak season

Prospects need to be specific as to what they want in quotation and book one month in advance.

Jan 18, 2013

Pl let me know if the following is what you want us to quote:

Day 1 (Friday): 8th February
Arrive from Singapore to Yangon. Need hotel quotation for one night for 2 persons, one room in Yangon.
Need quotation for hotel, 2 persons, 1 night in Yangon.

Day 2 (Saturday): 9th Morning to Bagan
Flight: Mandalay Air 1030 flight Yangon to Bagan for US$244 (for two) (Need quotation for domestic flight)
Activity: Bike around the temples, see Ananda temple Sunset cruise on the Irrawaddy river or hot air balloon ride at sunset over the temples (Need quotation for sunset cruise or hot air balloon)

Hotel: bagan thiripsysit sanctuary resort (Do not need hotel quotation. Client has confirmed this hotel)
Dinner: Riverview hotel

Day 3 (Sunday):10th Bagan to Inle Lake
Fly to Heho ie inle lake: flight at 805 gets in at 845 for US$166 (for two) (Need quotation for domestic flight)
Activity: Cave temples w murals Visit local villages on stilts and arts and crafts of the intha people
Hotel: Paramount inle resort (Need quotation for hotel 2 people one room)
Dinner: TBD – somewhere local

Day 4 (Monday): 11th Inle Lake to Yangon (Need quotation for domestic flight from Heho at 9.35 am)
Fly to Yangon at 9.35 am and arrive 1045
Take flight home to Singapore at 11:45am

ADVICE - It is very risky to think that the airlines are punctual on Day 4 and you will arrive in Yangon airport at 10.45 am in time to catch the flight to Singapore at 11.45 am. You have to be in Yangon on Day 3 and stay overnight. I had one bad experience with Cathay Pacific airline recently in a Hong Kong - Singapore flight. The flight was delayed by 6 hours but I was at the airport. Therefore I advise you to be careful. Feb 8 2013 is the peak season and hotels are in short supply and the ones you stated may not be available or at the prices you want.

It is extremely difficult to get you "good" hotels since there were few built during the years of sanction and you will have to be flexible to accept other hotels.

Pl review and let me know urgently.


On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 10:32 AM, Vanessa> wrote:
Hi David,

Thank you for your help. I would like to book everything today if possible. 

I agree that it is dangerous to fly Tuesday morning. Upon further review it would be best if we flew on this schedule:

Yangon to bagan:
1) Friday, feb 8 late afternoon / evening
If not possible,
2) sat feb 9, morning

Bagan to neho:
1) Sunday, feb 10 in the evening, late afternoon

Neho to Yangon 
1) Monday feb 11 at night 

We would also like a hotel recommendation in inle lake and Yangon. 

Please let me know as soon as possible.
Pl sms to me the final itinerary in writing and I will get the quotation. This is to avoid any misunderstanding and hence I need to have your requirements in writing and sms to me at 9668 6468. Payment will be in advance and no changes can be done once payment is made as this is peak tourism season and there is just not much time left to confirm hotels and domestic airlines, being Jan 18, 2013 now, unlike flights in Singapore. Without payment, we cannot book for you as we have lost money in paying for cancellations from prior booking in anticipation of clients' intentions to travel. 

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