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174. Revised itinerary for April 2013 tour

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Hi David
Thank you for the itinerary which we have now looked at.

It looks good but maybe a bit too much moving around. Can we not go to Mandalay and have an extra day or two in Bagan or Inle?

We are interested in staying maybe at more upmarket hotels – realising this will be more expensive but we  our preference would be for interesting  boutique type hotels not state run.
Thank you
Look forward to hearing from you



Thank you for your email. Pl let me know if the following itinerary is OK. If you don't want to stay overnight in Mount Popa (which is a tranquil wooded experience), then, you get one more day in Inle Lake to trek in Kalaw to the hills and villages. Pl discuss and let me know the final itinerary. Best wishes.  
Friday Mar 29, 2013   Arrive in Yangon. City tour of historical Yangon. Hotel in Yangon.
Mar 30, 2013   Yangon to Bagan in the morning by plane.. Hotel in Bagan. Rent bicycles with family to go to the various temples or rent a horse and carriage. Climb up pagodas to see sunset over the Irrawaddy River or vast acres of stupas and pagodas. That is the best way to see Bagan with the family. We can also provide a car.

Mar 31, 2013   Bagan exploration.  Explore more Bagan's history by walking. Or a boat cruise on the Irrawaddy River. Or a balloon trip. Let me know if you have specific temples or pagodas you will like to visit .   Hotel in Bagan.    Hotel in Bagan
Apr 1, 2013    Bagan to Mount Popa by car in the afternoon. Hotel - Wooden chalet hotel in Mount Popa - a very peaceful retreat popular with European tourists. Mount Popa is said to be the "Mount Olympus" of Myanmar and your children may later remember and be fascinated by the climb up the "mountain of the Myanmar gods or spirits"..

April  2, 2013     See sunrise over Mount Popa in the morning and have a leisurely breakfast with the family. Climb up to the top of Mount Popa if the family is able to do so.

Back to Bagan by car.  Hotel in Bagan.

April 3, 2013     Bagan to Heho Airport to Inle the morning.  . Boat tours to villages and surroundings. Floating farms and fishermen are the more common scenes you will see. Hotel in Inle Lake

April 4, 2013     Inle Lake and Indein Lake with boat tours and visits to the villages. Short trekking to the farms, see wild flowers and spiders and meet the villagers with your family. Very interesting if your family appreciate agriculture, farm people and nature. Sunset is said to be the most beautiful in Inle Lake.    Hotel in Inle Lake.

April 5, Inle Lake to Heho Airport to Yangon in the morning by plane..  View Yangon's colonial buildings and market, Chinatown, Little India on your own.  Hotel in Yangon.

April 6, 2013    Yangon to Singapore.

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