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210. Query for US citizens touring Myanmar in Nov 2013

Oct 18, 2013

I am asking about Myanmar tours on behalf of my cousin.

My cousin and her parents are US Citizens. They are planning on visiting Singapore in late Nov 2013. They would like to make a short tour to Myanmar. I found your website online.

Can you organise a tour for them (3 pax)? How would they organise their Myanmar Visa? The 3 of them are holding USA passport.

I would appreciate if you could give me a reply if you are able to work out something for them.

Jack L------------------------
Thank you for your email. If possible, get the visa done in the US as the passports are with them now. If they apply through Singapore, it needs time of around 1-2 weeks depending on Myanmar holidays and embassy closure.

As for tours, I need to know the exact dates as good 4-star hotel supply is low and so there is no "advanced" booking on payment of a deposit to secure a place. You can book airfares easily in Sg.
Pl let me know if you need more info. I will be back to Sg in Oct 24, 2013 as I am overseas now



Spoke with my cousin and this is what they are planning:

Their preference is to rely on hotel concierge to book daily tour trips (rather than pre-arranged tour) since they don't have exact places they want to go.  

Nov 23:SG - Yangoon flight + hotel transfer

Nov 23 to 27 Yangoon hotel (5 nights)

Nov 28 Yangoon - SG airport transfer + flight

So it's return airfare (SG - Yangoon - SG) and airport transfers in Yangoon plus 5 nights accommodation in 1 hotel. 2 rooms for 3 pax.

For airfares, is it easier for me to book online or can you package it together with the hotel and land transfers?

As for their daily activities, perhaps you have recommendations of reliable chauffeur service?



It is best that I arrange the domestic flights, hotels and driver cum tour guide at respective towns they want to visit. Others are best done by you. It is peak season and so it is best they know where they want to go to visit as hotel rooms are in short supply owing to past US sanctions discouraging investments in hotels.

I need the proper dates unless they want just Yangon hotel 5 nights as in your proposal and not visit Inle Lake etc. It is NOT like Singapore, Hong Kong or Malaysia  where you can book any flight on the same day as domestic flights are also few and in great demand.

Pl plan properly your itinerary and not be disappointed as payment to hotels need to be made early, within 7 days of quotation as quotations vary and hotel operators now do not bother to reserve rooms as in the early years.   

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