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227. Myanmar tour by train, boat and plane in Dec 19 - 31 2014

Please let me know whether the following travelling time is suitable for you.

List the mode of travel you want (e.g. Ygn to Mandaly by air. Mandalay to Bagan by boat. Bagan to Inle by air). I will then plan the itinerary for your approval.

BY AIR  morning flight
Ygn to Mandalay   1 hr 24 min  
Mandalay to Bagan  30 min
Bagan to Inle  40 min
Inle to Ygn  1 hr 10 min

 Dear Designtravel,

I would like to visit Mynamar this Christmas period. I have from the 19. to the 30./31.

A good cross-section of the country would be my goal.

What would you recommend ?

I would arrive from Singapore and return there.

Yours sincerely



Thank you for your email. I am David Sing, Manager, Design Travel.

1. Pl get your visa done in your country soon.
2. Pl let me know if the following itinerary is OK with you.
Dec 19, 2014  Singapore to Yangon. Overnight in Yangon.
Dec 20             Yangon to Bagan. Overnight in Bagan
Dec 21              Bagan to Mount Popa. Overnight in Mount Popa 
Dec 22              Mount Popa to Bagan.  Bagan to Inle Lake. Overnight in Inle Lake.
Dec 23              Inle Lake
Dec 24              Inle Lake and Indein Lake
Dec 25              Inle Lake to Mandalay
Dec 26              Mandalay
Dec 27              Mandalay to Yangon
Dec 28              Yangon to Golden Rock
Dec 29              Golden Rock
Dec 30              Golden Rock to Yangon
Dec 31              Yangon to Singapore

Pl let me know if you like this itinerary before I proceed further. Thank you.

Traveller is interested in a mixture of boat, bus and plane itinerary. The following info is provided:

Oct 14, 2014

Ygn to Mandalay   14 hr  (6.30 pm to 8.20 am next day)
Ygn to Bagan        6 hrs         (9.42 am to 4.25 pm)  

Mandalay to Bagan  9 hrs (7am to 4 pm) one departure only
Bagan to Mandalay 9 hrs  (7am to 4pm).

Ygn to Mandalay    9 hrs   8.30 am to 5 pm first departure  
Mandalay to Bagan  4 hrs  8.30 am to 12.30 pm first departure
Bagan to Inle  9 hrs          7.30 am to 3 pm first departure
Inle (Taungyi) to Mandalay    9 hrs      6am to 3.30 pm 
Mandalay to Ygn    9hrs  8.30 am to 5 pm first departure 
Ygn to Inle (Taungyi)       10 hrs            5am to 3pm 

I propose Ygn to Mandalay by train. Mandalay to Bagan by boat. Then Bagan to Inle by air. Inle to Ygn by air. Ygn to Golden Rock by bus/car.
Pl note that it is best to take the first morning air flight as there may be delays sometimes.

Usually 2-3 stops on bus journey.

Half a day is not enough in Inle Lake and Bagan as there is much sight-seeing to do, visiting villages and market places. Lunches and dinners take some time. But much depends on what you want to do in your travel as each individual has different interests.


Oct 16, 2014 proposed itinerary

Pl let me know if the following itinerary is OK with you before I make proper travel arrangements and give quotations to you.

You may need strong legs as there is a lot of walking. A local tour guide and car will be with you at the places visited. 3-4 star hotel. One pax
Dec 19, 2014  Singapore to Yangon. Overnight in Yangon.
Dec 20             Yangon to Mandalay by TRAIN.  6.30pm - 8.20 am. 14 hours. Arrive Mandalay at 8.20 am on Dec 21. Overnight in TRAIN
Dec 21             Mandalay. Arrived at 8.20 am. Overnight in Mandalay  
Dec 22             Mandalay Pwin Oo Lin (British colonials stay there in summer to escape Yangon's heat) by CAR. Overnight in Mandalay.
Dec 23             Mandalay to Bagan by BOAT 7am - 4pm  9 hours.    Overnight in Bagan
Dec 24             Bagan. Overnight in Bagan. .
Dec 25             Bagan to Mount Popa by CAR. Overnight in Mount Popa.
Dec 26             Mount Popa ("Mount Olympus" of Myanmar).visit. Back to Bagan in the afternoon. Overnight in Bagan.
Dec 27             Bagan to Inle Lake. AIR. MORNING FLIGHT. Overnight in Inle Lake.
Dec 28             Inle Lake. Overnight in Inle Lake.
Dec 29             Inle Lake to Yangon AIR. MORNING FLIGHT.  Car to Golden Rock. Overnight in Golden Rock.
Dec 30             Golden Rock to Yangon. CAR.  Overnight in Yangon.
Dec 31             Yangon to Singapore

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