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183. Further queries about 6D/5N tour in Jun 16, 2013 to Myanmar


With reference to your query for customised tour to Myanmar from June 16 to 22, please let me know whether the following is OK with you and your family:

Jun 16 2013  9.20 am Yangon from Singapore. Park Royal Hotel booked by you.
Jun 17, 2013                                                 Park Royal Hotel booked by you
Jun 18, 2013   Morning flight to Bagan. 3-star hotel in Bagan.
Jun 19, 2013.  Morning flight to Inle Lake. 3-star hotel in Inle Lake. 
Jun 20, 2013   Inle Lake.                                   3-star hotel in Inle Lake
Jun 21, 2013  Morning flight from Inle Lake via Heho Airport to Yangon. Hotel in Yangon*
Jun 22, 2012 10.25 am flight from Yangon to Singapore

* As regards which hotel to stay on Jun 21, 2013, much depends on your budget and your internet research. Hotel prices have shot up in Yangon and therefore, please let me know which one your want to stay in or book directly yourself.

May I suggest the following:

I will quote the package for the  domestic flights to Bagan and Inle Lake, meet at local airport and transport to your hotel, boat travel in Inle Lake and tour guide and 3-star hotel accommodation. Breakfast will be included but other meals are with the tour guide at your own requests and preferences in Bagan and Inle Lake. There are many eating places the tour guide can bring you to. Visas and travel insurance will be your responsibility.

Pl let me know if the above suggestion is OK and let me know the number of bedrooms required in the hotels (single beds, double beds etc) in your reply. .
On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 6:40 AM, aa <> wrote:

Flights below:
Singapore Airlines 
Boeing 777-200ER
07:55 AM(16Jun)
Changi Intl Terminal 2
09:20 AM(16Jun) 
Yangon Intl

Singapore Airlines 
Boeing 777-200
10:25 AM(22Jun)
Yangon Intl
14:45 PM(22Jun)
Changi Int

Staying in Park Royal on 16 and 17 night. 
3 star in Bagan and Inle would be fine. 
I have not booked last night in Yangon yet. 
What would you recommend?



On Apr 1, 2013, at 5:20 AM, Kong Yuen Sing <> wrote:
Please let me have the flight times, dates of the nights you will be in Yangon and the other nights you wish to be in Inle and Bagan for my planning and also whether you want 3- or 4-star or 2-star hotels in Inle and Bagan. 

On Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 11:38 AM, aa <com> wrote:
Actually 16-22 june, I have 6 nights. 
Arrival followed by 2 nights in Yangon
2 nights in Inle.
1 night in Bagan. 
1 night in Yangon followed by departure. 


On Mar 31, 2013, at 11:18 AM, Kong Yuen Sing <> wrote:
I am David Sing from Design Travel. Thank you for your email.

For 6 days, 2 nights will be at Yangon (arrival day (lst day) and departure night (5th day) to catch flight on the 6th day). You have 3 out of 5 nights left. 1 night in Bagan. Then 2 nights in Inle Lake which is more beautiful depending on whether you love history or lake to spend the 2 nights. Pl decide with the family and let me know. If you want to visit other places, it will be so hectic that your family will not enjoy it as there is waiting time at 3 domestic airports (Bagan, Inle and Yangon) taking up some time. The 6 days are just sufficient to enjoy and explore Yangon, Inle and Bagan. Best wishes.

Best wishes.
On Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 10:49 AM, aa <> wrote:


Am traveling to Myanmar 2 adults 2 kids(7 & 11) from june 16 to june 22.
Have booked the flight to and from Yangon.
Also booked first 2 nights in Park Royal in Yangon, but that can be cancelled.
Wanted to see if you could help arrange something for my family while we are there.
I would like to visit Inle lake and also Bagan if possible.
Pretty open about the rest of the places.
Let me know your thoughts?


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