Monday, October 29, 2012

116. 5 adults + child - visiting the maid's home town of Monywa

Oct 29, 2012
Please quote for the following tours for 5 adults + 1 child (3 years old) who will be in Yangon on Dec 8, 2012 and have their own hotels booked from Dec 6 to 8, 2012. Checking out of Yangon hotel is Dec 8 at 12 noon.
Dec 8, 2012   Yangon - Monywa  (book a mini-bus, air conditioned)
Dec 12,           Monywa to Mandalay (book a mini-bus, air conditioned). Please book hotel for Dec 12-14 nights
Dec 15            Mandalay to Yangon. Pl book domestic flight. Traveller will leave Yangon to Singapore on Dec 16.

Yesterday, Oct 29, 2012 I was at Khin Khin's office. Her accountant planned to go to Myanmar from Dec 8 to 16, 2012. She had already booked a hotel in Monywa for 4 days to visit the domestic worker's neighbourhood.

"Nothing to do, nothing to see," Khin Khin said to her over the phone. "So dusty. You want to spend 4 days in Monywa. What for?"

To me she said: "So stupid. Why visit the maid's home town for 4 days?"

"To you, Monywa is not the place to visit, but to Singaporeans who love the rural areas, the farms, the cattle, the pigs, Monywa may be a very interesting place to visit," I knew Khin Khin is from the middle class of Myanmar and would understand. "I enjoyed very much my visit to Myitkyina and the 8-hour bumpy car ride to the country side to visit the big Lake. To appreciate the culture and see how the locals live."

Not all Singaporeans enjoy such tours to the rural areas as there may be lacking good toilet facilities. So Khin Khin is more like the city dweller Singaporean now. I have not been to Monywa but it is not that near to Mandalay.

"Give what your accountant what," I said as Khin Khin offered to arrange the Golden Rock visit for her. The accountant had booked online a hotel in Monywa for 4 days and now she thought she should cut down to 3 days.

"Get my neighbours 2 maids," the accountant said over the phone.
"I will try," Khin Khin said. "The Myanmar government does not permit anyone to employ Myanmar women as maids. I will be sent to the jail for 5 years if I do it for your friends."
"But you a licensed employment agent," the accountant phoned back. "Surely, I am referring business to you. My neighbours are in urgent need of Myanmar maids."

Nowadays, Indonesian maid supply had shrunk as the Indonesian government controlled the intake of maids by wanting the maids to get a loan through the government and that the employer is required to pay more. The costs of hiring an Indonesian maid had shot up and so Myanmar maids are in demand. However, the supply is very short.

"Why do you take so much trouble to explain to your accountant that your government will jail you for 5 years          

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