Tuesday, October 30, 2012

120. Tips for prospective travellers. Plan your itinerary properly

Oct 31, 2012


Pl copy, paste and edit my proposed itinerary and include your choice of hotels and preferences inside the itinerary. E.g. insert the names of towns you prefer to visit. 

Then, email to me your edited itinerary and I can proceed to get quotation from there. In this way, we save time and avoid any mis-communications. Is that OK with you? Best wishes.

 Oct 30, 2012

 Hi there,
A few points please:
1) Our last working day is 9 Feb 2013. So we can start our tour with you on 10 Feb 2013.
2) Hotel Choice: we are happy to use your hotels. But in case you can manage it, we like Popa Mountain Resort (Mt Popa)...
Ayyawaddy River View (Mandalay).... in Bagan please to stay in OLD Bagan, your choice of hotel.
3) We do not need to go Pin Oo Lwyin. We rather have more time to savour Amarapura, Sagaing, teak monastery etc.

Many thanks,

Oct 25 (6 days ago)

to judy
Dear Judy,

My friend and I are planning a holiday in Myanmar 10-19 Feb 2013. We will already be in Myanmar, so we only need to arrange tours, internal flights etc. We had been to Inle Lake so it gives us more time to explore Bagan, Mandalay etc. We are not interested in seaside. Please forward some ideas and the cost? thanks.

I would also arrange my visa through you (I am Singaporean) My friend will take care of her own visa.



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